Introduction is my Internet home so the links on the main page and elsewhere are sometimes useful to me and perhaps not so useful to anyone else. If you're a computer geek like me then maybe you'll find something of interest (or a link that eventually leads to something of interest). One purpose of this web site is to share with others what has worked for me as a computer programmer and user. Another purpose is to help me find stuff I found before when I need it again. It also provides a medium for rants and rambles (admittedly, I tend to ramble more than rant). Watch as I digress...

About This "Organic" Site

I suppose a web site can't really be organic. Computers, microprocessors, the Internet, binary digits in precise arrangement herded by manmade devices through wires, cables, and thin air encoded in streams of electrons, microwaves, and pulses of light, etc. - not exactly organic.

So here's the deal: You most often hear about and When I tell someone my web site is, by the time they get on-line to look it up, mental osmosis* has turned it into "". Perhaps by associating the word "organic" with my site you'll have a better chance of remembering the dot-ORG part... or maybe not.

I do, for the most part, practice organic gardening (and maybe someday I'll get it right). Some might say this is just because I'm too lazy to buy the chemicals and associated equipment, and then apply them (and some might not get any of my fresh salsa this summer if they don't watch what they say). I add the "for the most part" disclaimer because I do sometimes use treated seeds when that's what's available. Beyond that it's pretty much organic and I always end up sharing some of the harvest with the bugs (I'm better at debugging software than debugging the garden).

- Bill Melvin

Picture of garden

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